My Agry

My Agry is an awards winning start-up that dreams of a new way of doing agriculture: the web app allows you to cultivate your garden, and to receive processed products directly at home, wherever you are. The project involved the creation of the brand identity and a simple and intuitive Ui / Ux.

Year 2018

Field Branding, Ui/Ux Design

Client My Agry

My Agry logo

The main goal of the brand was to merge the concepts of craftsmanship and authenticity with that of technology and innovation. The naming written with handwritten effect, reinforced by a stroke and characterized by the leaf, to symbolize the naturalness of the process.

Making Agriculture Simple The interface is simple and intuitive, with the calls to action that refer to the main target for the user, who, having made his choice, can select the size of his garden according to his needs, facilitated by the icons that represent the number of vegetables / jars that can be obtained.

Have a green thumb Inside the vegetable garden the selection is simple and fast, through the horizontal scroll you can consult the availability, choose your vegetable and its transformation, and proceed with the selection of the other products. It is possible to remove the vegetable at any time both in the upper bar and in the lower bar.

Don't worry, be agry Through simple and funny alerts, the user is never abandoned and it is impossible for him not to understand where the error is. In the summary it is possible to remove the selected vegetable, return to its garden or proceed with payment.