Mhoney is a product for a new challenger bank, that is going launch an iOS native mobile app for its customers in UK. The product offering, which is addressed to Millennials and Generation Z, includes a current account with a debit card and some other basic features like money transfer and expenses analysis (statistics).

Year 2020

Field Product, Ui / Ux Design

Client Banca Progetto


The goal of the brand image is to communicate with an informal and direct tone to a young users, which loves quick and smart actions, without complications. The logo plays on the naming, accompanied by a visual design that underlines the main features. The product experience was designed to be simple and quick. For this reason, the classic login via credentials has been combined with login via Face ID.

Time in mhoney Each section of the overview screen is designed to meet the needs of the kind of users the app is aimed at: quick payments, renewal of subscriptions for small amounts (for example Netflix) and the ability to create savings for purchase goals. Through the main Call to Actions it is possible to carry out quick actions, such as sending money or payment, remaining in the overview screen, through a simple dialog bottom drawer.

Simplycious Mhoney is a product that respects the environment, and allows you to make a payment, even a small one, anywhere, without the use of a card and by generating a temporary QR code.