Instantshop is a modular and scalable ecommerce software, adaptable to all SMEs and small merchants (mainly stationery shop) who want to upgrade with an online shop connected directly to the warehouse management system.

Year 2020

Field Product, Ui / Ux Design

Client Blu Srl

Nothing is forever. Except atoms. Working with a system approach rather than a "page" view, a dynamic, adaptable and easily implemented Design System was designed, in one word: scalable. This tool allows developers to create faster, reusable design, and adapt it to the client's existing branding.

Home Sweet Home The homepage leads the user to explore the main areas and offers, which can be accessed directly, or through the main menu / search bar, which is always fixed at the top, even when scrolling.

Navigating by sight Browsing the menu is simple and intuitive, allowing the user to move freely between categories and sub-categories, before loading the result.

Shop now, Shop wow The catalog page is simple and intuitive, each product card presents in a simple and effective way product photo, price, and discount / offer label. When purchasing the product, the dialog drawer on top allows you to instantly know the status of the cart.
In the product page you can see it through a scroll gallery, and the position of the CTAs immediately below this favors the action and conversion of the user, who is not lost in various info and descriptions, however, inserted in the rest of the page.