Born from the experience of an energy sector leader such as the Italiangas Group, Engled is the energy efficiency guide that meets the needs of companies, offices and condominiums with customized solutions that optimize resources, reduce waste and reduce costs. To tell the company to its target, the focus was on the central idea of Guide: the brand proposes itself as the ideal partner to find the path to energy efficiency, a reality that is always at the customer's side that will guide him towards important goals by designing solutions customized for the individual case.

Year 2018

Field Branding, Ui/Ux Design

Client Engled

Engled logo

The first step to outline the new Engled course was the logo design: a step forward in terms of image that will allow the company to boast greater appeal and character in the eyes of the target audience. The result is a visual synthesis of great impact that will make immediate recognition and memorization of the brand and its values of Encounter, Exchange and Growth.

Engled auto
Engled brochure
Engled vademecum

The split screen, in addition to aesthetic appeal, represents the relationship between client and consultant. The site, simple and intuitive, favors an innovative experience for the user, who can select information regarding his category, and always get in touch with the company.

Once in the category of interest, the user can enjoy the contents dedicated to it, maintaining clean and split screen scrolling style.

The reference target of the company is the entrepreneur, or whoever is in charge of finding efficiency solutions adapted to their needs. Precisely for this reason, through the direct contact form, the user can decide when to be contacted, in pre-established time slots, avoiding future mistakes and optimizing times on both sides.