Beego! is the fast delivery platform that allows you to buy from all the small shops in the city. Designed for senior aged people (70 years old), a category of users who used to buy from proximity stores, especially during the lockdown, started buying online, but found the processes too slow in delivering and complicated to use. No big companies, just people.

Year 2020

Field Product Design

Client Sketchin

Beego! logo

The concept stems from the idea that all small merchants converge in the same digital place to create a dense network of offers and products. The logo is a stylized bee, born from the fusion of a box (delivery concept) and that of Pin (geolocation).

The biggest small store in the world Fast delivery and easy payment. On Beego! You can search for what you need easily, and receive it in a few minutes directly at home. In fact, at the time of purchase, you will be able to know the shop that sells the product, the name of its owner, and the delivery time.

Shoplà Just launched, the app uses the location to display only the offers of the shopkeepers in your city. The location can also be changed manually.
Also accessible without login, the user can browse the products and offers, both by keyword search and through the different macro-categories.

Make it bigger, and easier The Ui is simple and easy to use, with slightly larger elements, to ensure reading and touch for a not particularly smart personas.
The user can immediately know how soon the ordered product will arrive or, alternatively, change the delivery time in the cart summary.