Masseria Li Gatti

Immersed in nature, Masseria Li Gatti focuses on the concept of sculpture, understood as the art and technique of obtaining a form or a plastic representation, the know-how handed down from generation to generation, which transforms milk into excellent dairy products on a daily.

Year 2018

Field Ui/Ux Design

Client Masseria Li Gatti

The moving steam of buffaloes envelops the user who finds himself immersed in the sensorial world of Masseria Li Gatti. The transition between pages takes place with a soft fade from white, to underline the fabulous setting in which the company is immersed.

At the first scroll it is possible to enter even more in detail in the corporate world, allowing the user to view the corporate video, choose the section of interest and learn more about the company philosophy, in small and light spots that do not weigh down the navigability.

Storytelling included the attention dedicated to animals, the landscape in which the company is immersed, the phases of processing, the finished products, expressing the maximum emotion in the institutional video. The parallax scroll with "delayed" effect allows the user to see the images first and then read the texts, as if to have an immersive experience in the landscape and then know the captions.