Chistira is an innovative start-up that, through its web app, offers professional ironing service, with collection and redelivery of garments at home in 24/48 hours.

Year 2018

Field Branding, Ui/Ux Design

Client Chistira

Chistira logo

The brand, obtained through the fusion of a clothes hanger and an arrow, transmits movement and dynamism. The combination with a color palette that recalls cleanliness and reliability, without neglecting the youthful and innovative appearance, allows the image to be modern and easy to memorize.

Neat and ironed The starter page introduces the user to the procedure that will allow him to use the service, avoiding future doubts or concerns. Through the simple and intuitive call to action it is possible to go immediately to the selection of the desired package.

Smooth and clear The three main packages offered by the service are listed through an intuitive magnetic horizontal scroll, distinguished from one another by the amount of items illustrated and the iconography; especially the latter allows the user to know the number of garments/shirts included in that particular offer.

Is flawless Unlike the two standard packages, the "personal" offers the personalized choice of items to be delivered, with a maximum number indicated dynamically live with the user selection, which can be added or removed, always keeping the updated price in mind.

Forget stress, live smooth Through non-invasive and light-tone alerts, the user is always informed of any errors, simply and directly.